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I usually use Social Media these days; Instagram and Facebook, rather than post here. Seems having your own website is nice but doesn’t get the reach you get from good old IG. 🙂

Anyway, time to post one here I guess; it’s Marion. We went for a day to a museum, shooting both inside and outside in various places. This is one of my favorites.


Home shoot



My second post today, to catch up on things. I’ve been inspired to do some more shooting. Here are four shots of Melissa, a French girl living in the Netherlands. We met at her home, where I used a few new LED continuous lights to tweak lighting just a bit. Other than that most of it is natural light.


Autumn 2018


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Here is an image I shot at the end of last summer. Today marked the ending of winter here in the Netherlands, where the sun was as nice to the skin today as it was back in autumn last year.

After some reading in the sun in the garden things got pretty chilly, so a nice excuse to go through some images and put one up here.

Although global warming isn’t a good thing, it’s nice to see the sun again; perhaps it will be as good a summer as it was last year.

Credits to beautiful Xenia for modeling & styling.




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A few days ago the summer was still going strong here in the Netherlands. Just about the last warm day, Marion and I went to the beach to catch some last pictures. Right now, the weather is shifting, rain now & then but also some warm sun still.

The rainy and darker parts of the day are good to get back at some photoshopping. I often find that color pictures work better with Marion, but I liked this in black & white slightly better.