Here’s another one from a recent shoot with Marion.

One thing I did notice is the synchronization with the Linkstar LF-250 being 99% perfect; there is a small darkening at the bottom of the image, which is due to me using Yongnuo high-speed sync radio triggers, which almost work with the Linkstar, but not for the full 100%. I should test it with the Linkstar LF-400 to see if that works any better.

But if doesn’t really make the image any less. 😉



End of the year


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The last one I’ll post in 2016. This is another one from Rachel. I’ve lifted the brightness around her eyes a little bit (hats are always detrimental to areas around the face), added a bit of clarity and provided the background with a Sean Archer-type of grungy texture.

2016 has been a good year, hopefully for you too, all the best for 2017! Less musicians dying hopefully, and more love to overcome frustration in the world.




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Here is an image from Ella. Her clothing and the lighting here matched to resemble a bit the painting of the old days. It’s a bit of Rembrandt lighting, although perhaps the triangle on her right cheek (left in the image) is a bit too big for that. And the blue spotlight in the back is perhaps a bit much for a 17th century look.

I used a lot of layers for this one, which is bad in a way since I’m always editing in 8 bits, so every layer you add will hurt the resolution of your colors. In the end, noise is always an answer for that to cover up some of the banding you add while trying to compromise the 16 vs 8 bits differences between speed, disk space and accuracy.

There is the usual blemish removal, a bit of eye lightening (though this girl really has very reflective eyes and large pupils). Then some 3D color lookups towards the CandleLight cube to get a more painterly color space. Some lifting of the black colors to get a bit of a washout effect (note that this is oh so delicate, depending on which screen you’re looking). Some noise, and a gentle crackle effect that I used once in the past to mimic old paint.

I love the simplicity, the strongness of her look and the old-fashioned post-processing.