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I shot with Marion a week ago, over the course of a few hours in a park. Later we got back to the car, which was standing underneath a bridge with beautifully painted walls. We took some more photographs with the colorful backgrounds.

The camera was the Canon 6D mark I and the lens was the Canon 24-70 L (mark I as well). I mostly shoot wide open for the bokeh to be soft, so f/2.8 in this case.

Postprocessing was done using Radlab Pro Retouch: Skin Foundation, Hair Blonde Shine. Some dodge & burn on the cheeks, sharpening the eyes a little bit (and making them slightly lighter). Then a tiny bit of Nik Analog Efex Pro 2 for the vignette and slight structure enhancement. Plus one of the awesome IWLTBAP (I Would Like To Be A Pony, no really) color grading schemes. This color grade was Aspen.

It may sound like much processing, but the effect all-in-all is rather subtle compared to what I started with. Just to give it more punch, more focus on the eyes and face.



At Home


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Last weekend I had another shoot with Maaike, which happens about once a year. We shot at her home, with beautiful soft light from the windows, but also in the woods with some autumnly looks.

This shot was all natural light. I’m beginning to appreciate this type of light; its softness is unparalleled compared to flash. It’s also much easier to play around with various shots while not having to move around your lights. It’s relaxing, or perhaps that’s also Maaike, who is wonderful. I hope you enjoy the image.




I had a shoot last Tuesday with this really fit girl. I like the combination of roughness and softness in this shot. In postprocessing I used some Clarity to lift the brightness of the shoes a bit. Especially when softboxes are standing reasonably close, the falloff is steep and you quickly lose quite a bit of lighting in the off-center areas.


Natural Light


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A new shoot with Marion; this time I wanted to throw some things overboard and try some more loose photography. Just showing some background, studio stuff, homely things. And also some natural light (for the most part).

This one was shot in front of a window facing north. I love the softness of the light; better than any softbox I’ve encountered (due to the larger size of the light source of course, but still).





Here’s another one from a recent shoot with Marion.

One thing I did notice is the synchronization with the Linkstar LF-250 being 99% perfect; there is a small darkening at the bottom of the image, which is due to me using Yongnuo high-speed sync radio triggers, which almost work with the Linkstar, but not for the full 100%. I should test it with the Linkstar LF-400 to see if that works any better.

But if doesn’t really make the image any less. 😉