On Location

Although shooting in the studio gives you a lot of control, shooting outside is often fun and challenging. For shoots outside, I have an outdoor kit; I have tried these out in summer 2015 for the first time. These days I tend to bring less equipment, to be more flexible and not too concerned with walking longer distance with all the equipment (which is quite heavy).

Here’s an example of one of the first shots with Renate I did on location:

Old factory top floor

Old factory top floor

Here is one from Delft with Skye, with a spotlight used in combination with a natural sunset.


In Brabant (the south of the Netherlands), I shot this with Psychara:IMG_7617_colFB

And the next photo with Annemiek was shot in de Blauwe Kamer, a nature reserve. I used two flashes; one to light up her face and the other as a background light (the sun wasn’t as bright anymore):


In 2017 I shot more outside, with less flash. Here’s an example with Marion near the Flevopark in Amsterdam. No flash was used here. Natural light is very soft.