Throwback time


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It’s kind of silly weather today here in Holland; rain and sun that overlap every now and then. Not really cold, but not great to go outside as well. So it was a good time to go through old photographs and shoots.

This picture thus is really an old one, with some new paint. I shot this back in November, 2014, with Renate standing in front of the camera. I took it through Photoshop and Nik to accentuate her light hair, to brighten her eyes a little and to bring out her body a bit better.

So even though the picture is 1,5 years old, the postprocessing is from today.




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Summer here in Holland can be flaky; one minute it’s warm and you want to go outside, and the next it’s gray and cool. This is really a reason I don’t do that many shoots in summer; it can get quite warm in the studio and you might want to be out in the wind next to a bit of water instead of shooting.

So summertime is also a good point to do some digging through older shoots and pick a few nice shots to ‘develop’.

Here’s one from Shona and Dané.




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This one is from Chanelle, a year ago. The postprocessing was hard to choose on this one; making the hair with more contrast, or giving it a softer look; I liked both.

The end result is a mix between Nik’s Silver Efex Pro and Nik’s Analog Efex (adding a slight defocus) somewhat. When viewed as a smaller image, it looks a bit like a pencil drawing more than a photo really, but I like it just the same. I don’t mind photos that are a little off the beaten path.


Night beckons


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This one with Skye Nova was made a little later that evening, up on a walk-around area. The sky mixed well with the flash, although you do notice that the sky gets dark very quickly, and the flash output needs constant adjusting to be on par with the sky brightness.

Skye Nova is wearing a corset here, beautiful but making it hard to breathe.🙂 Fortunately she lasted until the sun disappeared, after which we nearly got locked up inside the building. Luckily the guy who closed the door did another round before going home to sleep, and we managed to get out.




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I don’t do outdoor shoots a lot, but steampunk requires a bit of scenery. This one was shot with Skye Nova (Laura) in de Burcht in Leiden. It was a warm evening which helped to prevent getting cold until the sun set.

This was taken with a single flash, set not too hard to mix in a bit of ambient (natural) light as well.



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