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I like the somewhat classic look of this one. With beautiful and dear Maaike in the image. The blouse may appear a bit long, but that may be because it’s mine. 😉




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I like the lightness of this shot. Granted, this is one of the very few times where I have use negative vignette (meaning the edge have become brighter than the original) to make it even lighter.

Some might do their best to get rid of the heating pipes in the background, but I kind of like the natural look.




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This is a shot I like from a recent shoot. The bokeh of the lens keeps the background a little softer (this was shot with a Sigma ART f/1.8 lens on a Canon 6D). For these types of shots I always prefer converting to black & white (I actually often like black & white better) since it becomes more timeless and the colors are not as distracting from the shape.




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A Happy New Year to you all!

Here is a shot from last weekend at this girl’s home. I find it always nice & challenging to do shoots in such a confined space. It offers nice opportunities to create some shots that you would never make in a more sterile studio environment.

Lighting is an issue at these locations, but my Canon 6D still works admirably. And fortunately I like a bit of noise in my images.




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When shooting on a gray background, the nice thing is it is easily detachable in Photoshop to subtly adjust. Here I went for quite a bit of subtle post-processing : ProRetouch from Totally Rad (not affiliated but I love their subtle actions), then in the second pass a Sean Archer action. The latter gives some subtle extra lights and less smooth background (actually requiring you to more or less shoot on a 50% gray backdrop) . With lovely model Simone.





It might seem that nothing much is happening here, and you may be right. 😉 Most action takes place on Instagram and less on Facebook (and less, and less…).

Still, I like this one quite a bit, so time for another post here. Hope you like it as well. 🙂

It’s from July this year with Sunsenescence and Anthony. I love the softness and had a hard time switching between high and low contrast. I usually like high contrast, but here a softer look felt better.