Triple flash


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I often use just 1 flash; it’s easier and still looks very good 90% of the time. But being a studio makes me restless now & then to change settings again. This was taken using three flash heads, and I like the reflections on Gaelle’s dark skin. Her look makes the picture complete.




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This is a shot I like from a recent shoot. The bokeh of the lens keeps the background a little softer (this was shot with a Sigma ART f/1.8 lens on a Canon 6D). For these types of shots I always prefer converting to black & white (I actually often like black & white better) since it becomes more timeless and the colors are not as distracting from the shape.




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A Happy New Year to you all!

Here is a shot from last weekend at this girl’s home. I find it always nice & challenging to do shoots in such a confined space. It offers nice opportunities to create some shots that you would never make in a more sterile studio environment.

Lighting is an issue at these locations, but my Canon 6D still works admirably. And fortunately I like a bit of noise in my images.




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When shooting on a gray background, the nice thing is it is easily detachable in Photoshop to subtly adjust. Here I went for quite a bit of subtle post-processing : ProRetouch from Totally Rad (not affiliated but I love their subtle actions), then in the second pass a Sean Archer action. The latter gives some subtle extra lights and less smooth background (actually requiring you to more or less shoot on a 50% gray backdrop) . With lovely model Simone.





It might seem that nothing much is happening here, and you may be right. 😉 Most action takes place on Instagram and less on Facebook (and less, and less…).

Still, I like this one quite a bit, so time for another post here. Hope you like it as well. 🙂

It’s from July this year with Sunsenescence and Anthony. I love the softness and had a hard time switching between high and low contrast. I usually like high contrast, but here a softer look felt better.