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This one is from a few days ago with Xenia. It was taken as the sun was setting, right next to a bicycle lane, so we had to make a bit of room every couple of shots.🙂

Next to that, we were walking her dog at the same time, so it was a bit of messing around, trying to get some nice shots while juggling with all the other plates at the same time. But it was fun doing so! And a wonderfully almost non-Dutch warm evening.


Throwback time


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It’s kind of silly weather today here in Holland; rain and sun that overlap every now and then. Not really cold, but not great to go outside as well. So it was a good time to go through old photographs and shoots.

This picture thus is really an old one, with some new paint. I shot this back in November, 2014, with Renate standing in front of the camera. I took it through Photoshop and Nik to accentuate her light hair, to brighten her eyes a little and to bring out her body a bit better.

So even though the picture is 1,5 years old, the postprocessing is from today.




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Summer here in Holland can be flaky; one minute it’s warm and you want to go outside, and the next it’s gray and cool. This is really a reason I don’t do that many shoots in summer; it can get quite warm in the studio and you might want to be out in the wind next to a bit of water instead of shooting.

So summertime is also a good point to do some digging through older shoots and pick a few nice shots to ‘develop’.

Here’s one from Shona and Dané.




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This one is from Chanelle, a year ago. The postprocessing was hard to choose on this one; making the hair with more contrast, or giving it a softer look; I liked both.

The end result is a mix between Nik’s Silver Efex Pro and Nik’s Analog Efex (adding a slight defocus) somewhat. When viewed as a smaller image, it looks a bit like a pencil drawing more than a photo really, but I like it just the same. I don’t mind photos that are a little off the beaten path.