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This is Ella. Young but blessed with a confident look, large pupils and light reflecting eyes. She loves close-ups and her red vest, and this is one of the images which has both.





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A picture not from a shoot this time; this was taken on me and my girlfriend’s recent holiday to Italy. We went to the south of Napels (Cilento) and drove around to various places like Amalfi, Pompeii and even crossed Italy to end up near Polignano a Mare.

There was a lot of opportunity to take pictures; this one is actually one of my favorites, since it is a nice backlight image.




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Here is a picture from the shoot with Xenia the other day. We were actually at the same time walking her dog, which was pretty funny, and at times a bit cumbersome because, well, a dog needs attention. 🙂

Most of the pictures didn’t include Printie, as is the dog’s name, but this one did, and in fact I like the combination here. It’s something different from the usual pictures, so why not? Besides, yesterday was World Animal Day so it would have been appropriate, if only I had posted this one day earlier. 😉




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This one is from a few days ago with Xenia. It was taken as the sun was setting, right next to a bicycle lane, so we had to make a bit of room every couple of shots. 🙂

Next to that, we were walking her dog at the same time, so it was a bit of messing around, trying to get some nice shots while juggling with all the other plates at the same time. But it was fun doing so! And a wonderfully almost non-Dutch warm evening.


Throwback time


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It’s kind of silly weather today here in Holland; rain and sun that overlap every now and then. Not really cold, but not great to go outside as well. So it was a good time to go through old photographs and shoots.

This picture thus is really an old one, with some new paint. I shot this back in November, 2014, with Renate standing in front of the camera. I took it through Photoshop and Nik to accentuate her light hair, to brighten her eyes a little and to bring out her body a bit better.

So even though the picture is 1,5 years old, the postprocessing is from today.