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I shot with Marion a week ago, over the course of a few hours in a park. Later we got back to the car, which was standing underneath a bridge with beautifully painted walls. We took some more photographs with the colorful backgrounds.

The camera was the Canon 6D mark I and the lens was the Canon 24-70 L (mark I as well). I mostly shoot wide open for the bokeh to be soft, so f/2.8 in this case.

Postprocessing was done using Radlab Pro Retouch: Skin Foundation, Hair Blonde Shine. Some dodge & burn on the cheeks, sharpening the eyes a little bit (and making them slightly lighter). Then a tiny bit of Nik Analog Efex Pro 2 for the vignette and slight structure enhancement. Plus one of the awesome IWLTBAP (I Would Like To Be A Pony, no really) color grading schemes. This color grade was Aspen.

It may sound like much processing, but the effect all-in-all is rather subtle compared to what I started with. Just to give it more punch, more focus on the eyes and face.